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Is it better to have loved and lost, or to never have loved at all?

I think it is the former. If you have never loved, you would be a cold-hearted person. You would be shut off from the world emotionally. If you have loved and lost, at least you know how it feels; there’s no curiosity, no “what if’s.”

What IF I had never loved and lost?


I struggled with what to write. What do you write on a blog? What does everyone else write about? How do you be yourself on paper without completely letting your guard down; allowing everyone to see you as the vulnerable person you are? So I thought of a list:

everyday life




But then I thought:

Do you give advice? And if you do, do people listen to it?


Do you ask a question? And if you do, do people answer it?


Do you simply write? And if you do, do people read it?

Or does it grow lonely, completely unnoticed.




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